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Size: 7.5 cm
Thickness: 7.50 cm
Height: 20.0 cm
Length: 40.0 cm
Insulation type:
EPS FF (Fire Retardant)
Density: 15-17 kg/m³

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Block Insert (Moulded Insulation Insert)

Super Block inserts are a special product, coming with a special shape for insulating cement block bricks. These insulated cement blocks can accommodate many walls in a home. Their cores are filled with insulation (except for those cells requiring structural steel reinforcing and concrete infill), which raises the average wall R-value. The better concrete masonry units reduce the area of connecting webs as much as possible.

The hollow cores of cement blocks can be accommodated with Block Insert.

With this pre-insulated block bricks, the building construction is simple just staking the blocks. There is no need of insulating the wall separately.

Block Inserts basically coming with Expanded Polystyrene insulations. Based on the properties of each insulation material, block inserts can be selected.

Block Inserts are available with different styles & different dimensions.

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