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Fiberlone 4mm Black

1 Roll = 10m2

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BITUMAT FIBERLON is a uniquely formulated prefabricated waterproofing membrane with a special
multilayered design for superior pliability, tensile’
strength, workability and resistance to elements.
The multilayered design consists of a spunbond
polyester core coated on both sides with APP
modified bitumen. The polyester core gives the
membrane high tensile strength, elongation and
superior lap joint strength.
Properly installed, BITUMAT FIBERLON forms an
impervious, permanently flexible and waterproof
blanket which accepts normal structural movement
without breaking or cracking.
BITUMAT FIBERLON membranes are ideal for a wide
range of waterproofing applications, including roofs,
reservoirs, basements, tunnels and car parks.
BITUMAT FIBERLON may be utilized in exposed and
covered applications.
Total impermeability for complete waterproofing.
Excellent resistance to aging and weathering.
Outstanding bondability and seam integrity.
Flexibility at low temperatures.
Stability at high temperatures.
Very high resistance to impact and puncture.
Simple, single-layer installation reduces labour
and errors.
Variety of finishes for exposed and covered
BITUMAT FIBERLON is an APP modified bitumen
membrane, with a nonwoven polyester reinforcement,
black finish with a very thin polyethylene foil on both
sides or granule finish.
Nominal weight : 3, 4 or 5 kg/M2
Nominal thickness : 3, 4 or 5 MM
Nominal roll size : 1 x 10 M