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Size: 5.5 kgs
Height (inside): 7.80 cm
Length (inside): 40.8 cm
Width (inside): 21.9 cm
Thickness (side): 1.50 cm
Thickness (base): 2.00 cm

The minimum quantity for delivery is 3000 boxes

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The EPS boxes have proven to be better than corrugated cardboard because the excellent insulation it offers, allows you to maintain a good degree of humidity and the weight of the product for the same period. Other parameters such as the yellowing of green vegetables was equivalent in the long run.

The final result on this type of vegetable showed that only if placed in boxes of EPS can be stored in optimal conditions for two weeks.

We have seen that only the preservation in box of EPS has guaranteed the conservation of the quality of the product, thanks to the fact of the conservation of a correct level of humidity.

Once again, for both situations the humidity was best preserved in the EPS boxes, but in both cases the product deteriorated after 15 days at 10 ° C. In this case it was concluded that their conservation cannot exceed 10 days and that the EPS was better for the ability to better preserve the humidity level.