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19.5 cm × 58.0 cm × 37.0 cm

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Height (inside): 19.5 cm
Length (inside): 58.0 cm
Width (inside): 37.0 cm
Thickness (side): 3.00 cm
Thickness (base): 3.00 cm
Insulation type:
EPS white color normal grade

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is fully approved for food use.

The superb insulating properties of expanded polystyrene makes it perfect for frozen, chilled, fresh or pre-cooked food products.

The lightweight nature of polystyrene makes it easy to handle and stack in the warehouse. With no sharp edges, staples or hinges our fish boxes are safe to handle at all stages of the distribution chain and are available with or without drain holes.

Don’t forget a  RAR POLYSTYRENE fish box provides:

  • Outstanding shock absorption and protection
  • Excellent handling capabilities
  • Unrivalled insulating qualities
  • An attractive, clean appearance
  • A sustainable choice that is 100% recyclable
  • Exceptional resistance to compression